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1) What material are the Cozy Posie covers made from?

Cozy Posie covers are 95% rayon and 5% spandex for stretch. Rayon from bamboo is a beautiful, breathable fabric with a nice hand weight and silky feel.   Great for all seasons.

2)  What is bamboo and where does it come from?

Bamboo is a beautiful fabric derived directly from the Bamboo plant in a process which allows enzymes to break down the plant naturally. There are two ways in which Bamboo fabrics can be made; either naturally or synthetically. The natural approach, combines both the leaves and the softer inner pulp from the bamboo stalks to create a mushy mass which are later spun into yarns. All pulp and fibre processing is done in accordance with strict environmental standards including chemical free spinning and dyeing, rainwater for growth, and produces no toxic discharge.

Bamboo crops regenerate in 55 days and requires zero pesticides. The tree will grow naturally on less than perfect land and reproduce itself without any human interaction, meaning there is no replanting required. Comparatively to Cotton, Bamboo does not take away valuable land for growing food as it is a naturally occurring plant.

Unlike fully synthetic fibres, Bamboo is biodegradable. This means, any clothing made with Bamboo will return to the earth in your lifetime (but not, of course during your wearing of the product), whereas man-made products like Polyester take a couple of hundred years to break down.

4) How do I wash my Cozy Posie?

Hand wash in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry. If placed in the dryer, the cover may shrink slightly.

3) What is the sizing?

The Cozy Posie was designed to fit all body shapes. The covers have a nice stretch to them that allow coverage on a car seat, and most toddler seats.

4) Where are the covers made?

All our covers are made in Toronto, Canada. 

5) What is your shipping policy?

All orders ship for free within Canada and the US. Orders within Canada ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel with tracking.  Allow 1-3 business days to receive your package within Canada.

US orders ship via USA Air Small Packet. For US orders, please be aware customs fees may apply.

6) What is your return policy?

Due to the delicate nature of our product, all sales are final. Should you receive a product that is defective, please contact us at