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Cozy Posie Story

Well hello there!  I'm Holly, the creator of Cozy Posie, and this is my story!

After having my son Andre, there were so many things I couldn't wait to do:  spend our days bonding, playing, taking long walks, and...finally saying goodbye to my pregnancy uniform of leggings and tunics and saying hello to my pre-pregnancy clothes!

However, I soon realized I had a new uniform as a breastfeeding mom: everything I wore had to be analyzed for "boob-access" which meant button downs or v-necks for the unforeseeable future...

No problem!  I thought, I'll just get a nursing cover and I'm good to go!

Except...everything available either resembled pillowcases with neck holes (and I couldn't see Andre underneath while nursing him), or looked like an apron (Side-Boob City!).  I also didn't want to be exposing my sides and stomach when nursing.

The other problem I had was covering the car seat when we were on the go.  Muslin blankets blew everywhere, and other covers kept him... well, covered!

I wanted to be able to quickly and easily see Andre, and not be worried that he was hot and stuffy under those other covers or blankets!  Plus, he would get upset when he couldn't see me!  

After speaking with many other moms, I discovered that they shared the same frustrations and concerns that I did!  It was then that I decided to create this product, and I am so honoured and excited to share it with you!

My goal is to make those moments with your baby-whether nursing or out with the stroller, the most connected and special they can possibly be-because it's so true what they say, these times go by so fast!

Holly xx

Holly lives in Toronto with her husband Ralph and son Andre.   All of the Cozy Posie covers are designed and manufactured locally in Toronto-including the packaging.   Made from breathable, natural fabrics (rayon from bamboo with spandex for stretch).  

You will love how soft and silky they feel on your baby's skin-and yours too!