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Hi there! I'm Holly- and welcome to Cozy Posie!

Cozy Posie - Our Story

I created this company after I had my son Andre because I had so much trouble finding an easy to use nursing cover, and a safe and practical cover for when he was in the car seat.

All of my choices seemed to be either blankets or fitted car seat/nursing covers that lacked ventilation and visibility.

I found nursing covers really challenging to use because I couldn’t see what I was doing, or they didn’t really keep me covered very well!   

Muslin blankets were tricky to use, apron styles showed everything, and those other nursing/car seat combo ones kept my little guy hot!! 

When it came to travelling with Andre in the car seat and stroller, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find something that not only kept him protected, but allowed me to easily see him and know that he was safe and sound.

Muslin blankets would just blow off.   Fitted car seat covers kept him completely covered and not visible to me and I was always concerned about him being hot and stuffy underneath.

I needed something that would keep him covered and not blow off, yet allow me to know that he was safe and secure under there!   I wanted to be able to see him easily, know there was proper airflow, and know that he was ok at all times!

Plus, he would take FOREVER to settle down when he couldn’t see me! 

I created a prototype of my perfect cover.   One that would make nursing easy, because I could see what I was doing, and also would not be too stuffy for Andre.

And when he was in the car seat, I could relax knowing my little guy was just a glance away, and that he was comfortable and safe.

Working with a local manufacturer, our final design exceeded my wildest dreams!!

  • MESH PANEL for ventilation & 2-way visibility when nursing and in the car seat.  And it makes latching so easy.   Plus, there is no better feeling than looking down at your baby and see them smiling back up at you...
  • FRONT PANEL allows nursing on top-it works like a nursing bra.  And is an easy way to touch & adjust your baby while in the car seat-without disturbing them!
  • PONCHO arms prevents the cover from riding up when mom is nursing on top, keeping you completely covered!  

It's my goal to make nursing and travelling with your baby as easy and stress free as possible, as well as making these moments full of love and connection.

Cozy Posie - Our Story - Holly

I'm so happy you're here, and I can't wait to get to know you better!

Cosy Posie - Holly xo