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Hi there! I'm Holly- Cozy Posie creator, mom to Andre, fiancee to Ralph and lover of family, friends, good food & wine - and have been known to enjoy a Netflix binge or two!

Cozy Posie - Our Story

I didn’t think being a mom was in the cards for me.  

After going through a divorce at age 36, I thought my chance to be a mom was over.  I did the math!  Even if I were to meet the love of my life tomorrow, we would still have to date, figure out if we were meant to be together-and then try to have a baby!   And I knew that each passing year made the chances of getting pregnant harder...

But luckily, I did end up meeting the love of my life pretty quickly, and about 10 months after we moved in together, I found out I was pregnant!  In July 2016, I gave birth to Andre and life has never been the same!  I count my blessings every single day ❤️

As a new mom, there was so much for me to learn.   Part of that learning was figuring out what items I needed, what I didn't, while not spending “all of the money” buying stuff!

But one thing I did need, and used daily, no matter the season, was something to keep Andre safely covered in his car seat, and something to cover me when I was nursing.  And I only had 2 choices:

  • Fitted car seat/nursing covers that kept my little guy completely covered! Hot, stuffy, with no visibility!   No thanks!
  • Muslin blankets that would blow off the stroller (or he would kick them off) Plus, they were tricky to use as a nursing cover.

I felt very uncomfortable keeping him all covered up when he was in the car seat, not being able to see him.  When I was nursing, it was really hard to hold him while trying to see what I was doing, all while attempting to keep covered!  

I knew that if I was feeling this way, there had to be other moms who felt the same!

Next thing I knew, I made a *very rough* prototype of what would eventually become the Cozy Posie nursing & car seat cover.   I found a product designer who took my design and brought it to life in a way that was even better than I imagined!   

My guiding light and reason for all the blood, sweat and (lots of!) tears that went into this product was to transform a staple item that moms used daily into something truly special.  

Something that would bond moms (and dads) to their babies in the most instinctual and loving way: through the power of sight and touch.  

Every one of our features accomplishes this.

  • MESH PANEL for ventilation & 2-way visibility.   And it makes latching so easy.   And there is no better feeling than looking down at your baby and see them smiling back up at you...
  • FRONT PANEL allows nursing on top-it works like a nursing bra.  And is an easy way to touch & adjust your baby while in the car seat-without disturbing them!
  • PONCHO arms prevents the cover from riding up when mom is nursing on top.   A game changer!

Cozy Posie - Our Story - Holly


Cozy: This word just spoke to me, and of the feeling I wanted to bring to moms, dads, and babies.   A feeling of safety, security, comfort and love.

Posie: We use bamboo fabric for our covers, so I wanted the name to evoke nature.  Bonus points for rhyming!

I'm so happy you're here, and I can't wait to get to know you better!

Cosy Posie - Holly xo