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About Cozy Posie

Well hello there!  I'm Holly, the creator of Cozy Posie, so nice to meet you!

I started this company from my experiences as a new mom-and I bet you can relate!

  • Experience #1: New mom nerves
  • Experience #2: Impossible to manage muslin blankets & car seat covers

 It started with a stroller..

When we were out for walks, I would cover Andre with a fitted car seat cover and was seriously stressed out!  “Was he hot?” “Was he breathing?” “Was he choking?” Those were the thoughts that ran through my head.  Constantly.  So I found myself always peering in, pulling at the cover, risking waking him up all the time! 

On top of that, he hated not being able to see me and would take forever to settle down because he was trying to pull those covers off!

And then there was the muslin.  If it wasn’t blowing everywhere, it was seriously lacking in the “breastfeeding coverage” department!

And looked for a solution I did.  Something dual purpose for the car seat and nursing, that provided 2-way visibility, and had ventilation.  But I couldn’t find anything!  

So I did what any other new mom with time on her hands between 2-4am and a desire to help other moms would do-I created my own solution. 

Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, maybe it was because I needed to see where this idea would take me, but I found myself deep diving into the world of product creation, with no turning back..

And came out with a cover that did everything I wanted it to-and more.

 The Cozy Posie difference.

  • Mesh Panel: Ventilation & 2-way visibility between mom & baby, whether nursing or in the stroller. Makes latching super easy, because you can see what you’re doing!
  • Front Panel: Allows nursing on top of the cover, and gives easy access to baby while in the car seat-without having to remove a cover or blanket.
  • Poncho Arms: Allows you to nurse and cuddle-while keeping sides and stomach covered.
  • Multifunctional: Also great as a shopping cart and bassinet cover!

Every detail is created with intention, with the mission of being the most practical, secure and snuggly cover for mom & baby.  Great for dads too!

Holly xx

Holly lives in Toronto with her husband Ralph and son Andre.   All of the Cozy Posie covers are designed and manufactured locally in Toronto-including the packaging.   Made from breathable, natural fabrics (rayon from bamboo with spandex for stretch).  

You will love how soft and silky they feel on your baby's skin-and yours too!