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I see you, baby.

Whether nursing or strolling,
our Patent Pending design
keeps your baby in sight.

And it's softer than a
baby's bottom.

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Cozy Posie

The Cozy Posie

Our patent-pending design makes nursing easy and stroller life breezy!

Finally, a cover that allows you to see your baby while nursing-without awkwardly holding them with one arm, and stretching your cover with the other to see what you're doing!

Or, just nurse on top with the front panel access!

When strolling, keep it cool and have fun watching your little one-knowing they can see you right back-through the mesh panel!

No more startled wake ups or walks with mom or dad nowhere in sight!

How It Works

Easy Nursing Under Cover

Nurse underneath the cover while being able to see and easily adjust your baby, all while knowing your little one won't get too hot.

Easy Access on Top

Nurse your baby on top of the cover quickly and easily, while maintaining privacy, with comfortable front panel access.

Poncho Feature

Hold your baby while keeping your sides and stomach covered.

Mesh Panel

See your baby at all times, through the mesh panel. This allows maximum breathability, visibility-and connection-for you both.