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Did you know that within a week after birth your baby recognizes your face?   And that touch is crucial to brain growth? 

Not only is the Cozy Posie cover a nursing, car seat, and shopping cart cover, but it connects moms, dads, and their babies through the power of sight and touch!

Created not only to provide protection for your little one, every feature was designed to help your baby feel comforted and secure ❤️

 MESH PANEL (For visibility and ventilation).

  • When your baby is in the car seat, you will always be able to see them, and know that everything is ok! Your baby will feel safe and secure because mom and dad are visible too!
  • Parents can feel relaxed knowing there is proper airflow to their little one.
  • When nursing, mom can easily latch without any awkward fumbles because she can see what she’s doing! This is a game changer! 

FRONT PANEL (For nursing and touch)

  • Sometimes moms (and babies) don’t want to nurse under a cover, yet mom still wants privacy. The front panel allows mom to nurse right on top of the cover!  It’s like a built-in nursing bra!
  • While your baby is in the car seat, you can reach right in to touch them, hold their hand, and perhaps retrieve a soother or fix a hat: all without having to remove a cover or blanket-disturbing precious sleep!


  • Poncho arms prevent the cover from riding up and exposing stomach and sides when your baby is nursing on top of the cover.


  • The fabric provides protection from the elements, and the fit is large enough to fit over all car seats, while providing a nice snug fit.


  • Nursing cover
  • Car seat cover (fits all brands-even the bassinet!)
  • Shopping cart cover (tip: put your baby in the shopping cart first, then put the cover on next, stretching it over the cart handle)
  • Tummy time mat


  • Our covers are made from a super soft rayon bamboo, with spandex for stretch. You will love how amazing they feel on your baby’s skin-and yours too!

Patent Pending.

One size fits most.  26" top to bottom.

95% bamboo rayon/5% spandex.

Made in Canada.